Powder Room Sink with Vanity Top - Fossil Stone Rissani Seabed Design - Moroccophile Souk

Powder Room Sink with Vanity Top - Fossil Stone Rissani Seabed Design

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Where Art Met the Sea & Designed History

* 500 Million Years Ago *

Reveal a striking touchable powder room retreat residents and guests can't wait to experience with our Rissani Seabed design. Highlights of this design include a single centered basin encircled by an unpolished rectangle stone matrix counter with a polished edge. Numerous naturally occurring prehistoric dimensional spiral-esque Ammonites and rocket-shaped Orthoceras fossils varying in size have been carefully carved and polished. 

Art. Unearthed. This Tethys Sea Bath design is an authentic museum-worthy functional piece of art that makes an incredible focal point in any bathing area, powder room, pool house environment, and beyond...courtesy of the artist, planet Earth.

Measurements: 42.25 inches wide x 24.25 inches deep


  • Polished fossil shapes in counter space are 3-dimensional
  • Fossil forms are found throughout stone and can be seen from the bottom/back
  • Fossil Types: Ammonite, a spiral-shaped fossilized form; Orthoceras, a rocket-shaped form
  • Fossil Size: Variety of sizes from smaller to larger sizes
  • Fossil Distribution: Density is medium to low 
  • Color Range: Dark to terracotta brown
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Tethys Sea Bath Designs
Influenced by homeowners’ utmost desire for a bathroom to be that indulgent space where one relaxes, renews and reconnects mind, body and soul, our curated collection of natural fossil stone hand carved sinks and vanity top styles deliver on these aspirations. They combine stunning prehistoric visuals with modern functionality in designs that range from simple elegant vessel basins to organic-edged profiles. 

Material + Origin 
Ancient Seabed Natural Fossil Stone Collection, created from a hard limestone that polishes to a shine, is quarried from the Sahara desert, the location of a prehistoric seabed. Found in an selection of colors that include terracotta brown, dark brown, black, and gray, it is available as dimensional tiles, slabs and quarry blocks, as well as custom bath and accent table surfaces.

Orthoceras, the rocket-shaped fossil figure, and Ammonites, the spiral-shaped fossil form, are the prehistoric sea life naturally preserved throughout this material and still visible today in the Ancient Seabed Natural Fossil Stone Collection, which all began in a primitive ocean during the Paleozoic era nearly a half billion years ago.

Care & Maintenance Quick Tips:

  • Maintain the natural surface shine by resealing sink once or twice a year with a heavy duty stone sealer
  • Prevent hard water deposits and stains with regular cleaning using a granite and marble cleaner
  • Avoid acidic household cleaners or cleaning wipes with harsh or abrasive chemicals
  • Don't use cleaners with abrasive material added to avoid scratching the surface
  • Use a standard stone and tile stain remover when staining occurs
  • Apply a granite poultice product directly to more difficult stains
  • Consult your preferred stone specialist