Moroccan Handira Wedding Blanket - 62 x 45 inches - Heirloom Tamizart - Moroccophile Souk

Moroccan Handira Wedding Blanket - 62 x 45 inches - Heirloom Tamizart

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Souk Find Details:

  • Hand woven in undyed wool, cotton and linen and a reversible design gives this handmade textile an appealing creamy palette that complements a variety of color and design styles
  • Sequins (or mouzouns in arabic), which were used in textile designs to deflect the evil eye, add just the right amount of bohemian glamour with a purpose
  • Measurements of 62 x 45 inches (5'2" x 3'9") can accommodate most any decorative use on a bed, sofa, wall, headboard, etc.
Tribe Storytelling:

Wedding blankets from Morocco are authentic, handmade textiles with unmistakable elegant charm and bohemian style adored by millions. Highly desired and sometimes hard to find outside Moroccan souqs and medinas, these gorgeous must-have home accents deliver on the phrase 'tribal chic.'

Native Imazighen (Berbers) women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco whose tradition it is to weave handira wedding blankets, or the Amazigh (Berber) name they know them by, tamizart (shawl, cape), created the blankets in anticipation of a young girl's future wedding day. During the ceremony, the wedding blanket is worn as a cape with ties to secure it around the shoulders for warmth during the ride to the bride's new home, where it became decoration.

Making the tamizart is often started by a girl's mother when she is young. The tradition is helped along by other female relatives and includes teaching the future bride about the birds, the bees and married life. 

Women believe the process of creating the cape in this mindful manner infuses it with blessings, or baraka. For this reason, it is believed that the cape not only keeps the bride warm but also wards off evil, and bestows fertility and good luck on the newlyweds.

While today many of these wedding blankets are created specifically to be sold because of their increased popularity in Western interior design styles over the last several years, blankets that were created specifically for wedding ceremony use were customized to the female who would wear it and so are found in a wide variety of sizes, sometimes with the original cape handles still intact.