Moroccophile Story

Design lovers. Bohemian dreamers. Collected travelers. Everyday nomads-next-door. Gypsy souls around the world. We're all on passionate journeys with stories to share. And we must have inspiring and unforgettable spaces in which to live, imagine and express each treasured moment.

Moroccophile is a team of authentic Moroccan lifestyle experts who call on a native Berber (Amazigh) upbringing and natural insight to translate the colors, patterns, symbols, magical *baraka*, and tribal customs of this global style in a way that allows you to immerse yourself in a hand picked story that is meaningful to your journey.

We infuse this native Berber culture-based understanding of daily tribe life into our interior styling and design consulting. Combine that with a lifetime of first hand expertise in handmade decorative arts and our urban nomad multicultural NYC sensibility and you get a fresh perspective that helps create the soul defining spaces you are searching for.

Our story is based in Brooklyn, NY, with frequent caravans to visit family and forage for the uncommon where our quest began - in the heart of the Sahara souks and villages of the Atlas mountains. We personally curate our imported artisan-made home decor collections and make them available to you worldwide from our beloved eSouk.

Custom sourcing, project consultations, in-home carpet presentation and styling appointments, as well as personalized design expeditions to Morocco are also available. Just ask.

Team Moroccophile
We're Salem and Tracey, or Team Moroccophile. 


It all started with Salem in Erfoud, Morocco, near the famed Sahara
desert sand dunes, and Tracey in northeast Ohio, well, not anywhere near the Sahara sand dunes. These two happenings were followed somewhat later by a serendipitous meeting of our small town, yet very adventurous and nomadically inclined, molecules on a NYC subway platform. 

Some time after that subway platform moment, we knew we wanted to express our passion for adventure and amazing stories together. One way we decided to do that was by importing our Ancient Seabed Collection of 500 million year-old museum-worthy natural fossil stone from the Sahara desert near Salem's home town. 

A true polyglot, Salem speaks 9 languages and dialects, including his native Arabic (Moroccan and Classic), Tamazight and Tachelhit/Shilha native Imazighen dialects, and French, plus German, English, Italian and Spanish. His love of linguistics was a pretty handy passion to have while becoming an expert on his family's artisanal arts business where he consulted and guided international visitors in their selection and acquisition decisions. Nothing has changed since. Salem gets the opportunity to speak at least 3 different languages on a daily basis in the global New York marketplace. And hasn't lost his conversational agility in a single one. 

Tracey's passion for language revolves around a love of the thoughtful visual and written storytelling that's so inherent in Moroccan design. During a 20-year marketing, advertising and public relations career in New York, she has developed meaningful stories on behalf of global brands, companies and their leaders. Tracey has designed strategies, creative concepts and fresh story lines for clients ranging from Silicon Valley start-ups to worldwide corporations in New York. Nonstop learning and creativity expressed through writing and the visual arts fuel her imagination.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 646.389.5308 and we'll respond.

Live magically xo, 

Salem & Tracey