International Shipping

Moroccophile Souk international shoppers located worldwide have two shipping options that cover nearly every corner of the planet.

1/ Choose from Fedex, UPS or US Postal Service with real-time rates calculated at the time of checkout. Shipping costs do not include customs or duties fees once the package enters the buyers destination country. These fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

We also offer a selection of items with free international shipping because they ship directly from the source. This information will be included on the product listing page.

For information on our U.S. delivery and shipping, please click here.

OR have total control by choosing Option 2:

2/ Package Forwarding Service. Register for a *FREE* U.S. address with a package forwarding service such as FedEx Crossborder. There are additional links at the end of this article for alternative package forwarding services with reviews that may be helpful in selecting a service that is the best fit for your needs. For the explanation below we will refer to FedEx Crossborder as our example.

How It Works:

Follow these 5 easy steps and enjoy full knowledge and peace of mind about where and when your package will arrive.

STEP 1: Register with a Package Forwarding Service

If you do not already have a package forwarding account with a U.S. address, register for your free U.S. address at FedEx Crossborder (or choose any package forwarding company that provides a U.S. address). This address is good for everywhere you shop in the U.S. for those customers located in most countries outside the U.S. Use the address for added convenience when traveling and visiting in the U.S. to schedule packages to be shipped home when you're ready.

STEP 2: Shop at Moroccophile Souk

Shop at Moroccophile Souk and put your items in the cart. When you're done, head to the checkout process.

STEP 3: Enter Package Forwarding Service U.S. Address In Delivery Form at Checkout

When you are ready to check out, enter your package forwarding service U.S. address, city, state and zip code into the DELIVERY ADDRESS form. Your full non-U.S. international address must be entered into the BILLING ADDRESS form for verification and security purposes. You may want to let your bank know about your U.S. address to avoid any issues with different or unknown shipping addresses during payment processing.

  • If you have any difficulties email us and we'll work with you to resolve any hold ups on our end. 
  • Moroccophile ships free to all U.S. addresses in the 48 states so you pay no Moroccophile shipping fees for your order to be shipped and delivered to your package forwarding service.
  • Items ship within 24-72 hours unless notified otherwise on the product listing page or via email at the time of purchase.
  • We are located in Brooklyn, NY.

STEP 4: Schedule Your Delivery

Once the merchandise arrives at your [FedEx Crossborder] U.S. address, your package forwarding service takes over and will assess international shipping and handling costs and coordinate delivery to your address. Here is an overview of what would happen next if you were using FedEx Crossborder, and likely similar services:

  • You will receive an email notification when your package arrives at FedEx.
  • Log into your FedEx Crossborder account to schedule your delivery.
  • FedEx Crossborder will assess your shipping costs (an estimator tool is here).
  • Forms of payment FedEx Crossborder accepts include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club, Discover, JCB Card, BC Card.
  • You will have the option to prepay duties and taxes at this time.
  • International delivery in under a week is available in many areas.

STEP 5; Your Package Forwarding Service Completes Delivery Process

FedEx Crossborder (or your preferred package forwarding service) will now be the source of all your scheduling, shipping and customs/duties fees, and tracking information from this point on. Moroccophile will have no access to and does not receive any further information about your package once it arrives at your FedEx Crossborder (or any other package forwarding service) U.S. address. Moroccophile is not part of nor involved in package forwarding processes.


  • At times, specific items in our souk may ship directly from the manufacturing source to your international address and may or may not have separate shipping fees that we will inform you about as soon as we confirm them. These shipping fees will not include any customs or duties fees due to a country, which are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Any specialty shipping information for certain items will be included on the product listing page or we will let you know at the time of purchase.
  • Please note, all international orders shipped from Moroccophile Souk in the U.S. are final sale once they leave the U.S.
  • Pre-approved exchanges are permitted before item(s) ships internationally (before it is shipped from a package forwarding service to an international delivery address) and must be returned in original condition.
  • Any return shipping arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • We do not ship Ancient Seabed Fossil Limestone Collection items internationally from the U.S. except case-by-case for miscellaneous tiles due to weight and fragility. International orders for stone items ship from Morocco on a special or custom order basis, including commercial quantities.
  • Large quantities and custom orders of fossil stone from our Ancient Seabed Collection ship directly from Morocco to your nearest seaport (or airport) in any country; customary costs associated with international shipping, customs, duties, etc., fees apply and are the responsibility of the buyer/recipient.
  • Our complete Returns & Refunds Policy page is located here.

For information on our U.S. delivery and shipping, please click here.