Moroccan Ceremonial Incense Burner Collection

Moroccan Mabkhara Incense Burner - Moroccophile SoukEver wonder how the Magi, or Three Wise Men, enjoyed their own frankincense and myrrh? Turns out they used a ceremonial incense burner, or mabkhara, like those in our collection. These vessels were developed back in the days of the Ancient Incense Market specifically for the purpose of burning highly coveted bakhoor, or scented wood chips. In Ancient Near Eastern polite society, incense was used to perfume one's clothing and rooms, a process known formally as thurification. And it was all the rage. Today in Morocco, burning incense is most often used as a way to welcome guests, a sign of hospitality, and an opportunity to bestow magical baraka, or blessings of good fortune.