Boucherouite Rug Collection

Boucherouite or Boucherwit rugs, sometimes also referred to as Boujad / Boujaad, from the Moroccan Arabic phrase bu sherwit, meaning ‘a piece torn from old pre-used clothing’, ‘scrap’, are handmade from recycled rag strips and yarns from a variety of ‘found’ textile remnants including wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, Lurex, nylon and plastic, rather than traditional sheep's wool. Using found remnants to hand knot rugs began during the 1960s and 1970s in the Moroccan plains around the towns of Beni Mellal and Boujad. Nowadays this style is made in all regions of Morocco so the attribution of Boucherouite style rugs being sold today to Boujad is often misleading.

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