4 Globetrotting Essentials for Nomads-On-the-Go

Our hand picked list of on-the-go stylish Moroccophile essentials is designed for bestowing everyday nomads with exactly what their heart desires...stuff that fans the flames of their adventure fancy.

These easy to spot nomads among us are the family, friends and colleagues, or even ourselves, who seem to be in a perpetual state of commuting, weekending, or heading off on modern day voyages with fellow adventurers to shop, feast, witness the latest indie flick or street-art-gone-gallery opening, and whatever else the excursion of the moment may entail.

Critical to picking just the right accessory for a daily expeditionist is choosing dapper gear that fits their aesthetic but also gets the job done. With flair.

We suggest snagging some enchanted loot handcrafted by real nomadic artisans who draw creative inspiration from their belief in magical Berber baraka. Take a look at our suggestions for gifting your favorite gallivanter or even upping the game of your own vagabond style.

Essentials for Nomads-On-the-Go

Adventurist Duffel Bag: Give off a globetrotter vibe. Easily pack all can't-do-without getaway gear in this handcrafted perfectly sized duffel style leather and Zemmour kilim bag. It's ideal for daily journeying, overnight odysseys and carry-on conveniences. Shop the collection or just browse and learn more about the ancient techniques and baraka-infused good vibes used by Berber leather and textile artisans to create this explorer's must-have here.

Moroccan Kilim and Leather Duffel Bag from Moroccophile


Expeditionist Backpack: Reveal a well traveled outlook on life during daily errands, commuting or while on a much more far flung outing with this handcrafted leather and Zemmour wool kilim backpack. Browse the collection for more inspiration here.

Moroccan Tizi 'n Tichka Kilim & Leather Backpack


Escapist Key Chain: Take part in fringe fever and never have to hunt for keys during the execution phase of the escape plan with whimsical tasseled key holders that are hard to miss. Chekc out the entire range of styles, colors and sizes here

Moroccan Nomad Key Chains Hand of Fatima Babouche Khamsa


Wanderer Babouche: Indulge your wanderlusting shoe fetish with this lightweight, easy to pack traditional pointed toe babouche made famous in cities from Tangier to Marrakech and well beyond. It's ideal for slipping on and off while enroute via planes, trains and automobiles, or just relaxing. Go ahead. Look like your inner nomad has been doing that chic international vagabond thing - again. Shop for the suede style pictured below or browse the whole collection of handcrafted babouche until your heart's content here.

Moroccan City Babouche Shoes - Boho Brown Suede

It's always a good idea to pick the stuff you really love, that feeds your fancy for adventure and constant desire for everyday moments of wanderlusting. We hope these nomad essentials have inspired your travel state of mind whether meeting friends at a new coffee shop across town, or jetsetting off across the globe. Itinerary-free.