Our 5 FAVE DIY Kasbah Chic Christmas Ornament Inspirations

We feel like we scoured the entire world wide web and then some looking for evidence of Northwest African (ok, Moroccan) tribal or nomad inspired holiday decor to share with you, or even Christmas decorations and ornaments. In the end, what we did find much to our delight were several DIY ornament projects that fit the inspiration bill.

In each of these 5 projects, we really fell in love with the design and/or, in a few instances, how the project could inspire some festive nomad glam tree decor through your own customization.

In choosing our favorites, we searched for the right shapes or the right patterns, or for projects that could be easily tailored with alternative colors or patterns because the shape already lent itself to the end goal kasbah style we envisioned.

We’ve listed our 5 FAVE DIY ornaments below. Some were just posted recently in 2015 while a couple projects are a bit older. Regardless, we feel these are excellent ways to add that well traveled holiday aesthetic to your celebrations and gatherings. Hope you brought your passport...


A Kailo Chic Life DIY Mud Cloth Inspired Ornaments

This is an ideal project. It’s simple and already looks tribal complete with symbols. While the ornament in this example is black with white symbols inspired by African mud cloth, it’s just as easy to switch up the colors of the ornament and the paint pen to combinations that may fit in better with your current holiday color palette, such as a red matte ornament with a gold paint pen. Of course, black and white is pretty chic. For inner nomads.

Moroccan Decor Tribal Symbols Ornament DIY

Project and photo via A Kailo Chic Life

Nomadic Decorator DIY Paper Mache Scrapbook Paper Ornaments

We were lucky enough to be signed up for this newsletter, which landed in our inbox one day not too long ago complete with this totally nomadic idea. We love this project because of the shape of the paper mache ornaments - they evoke arabesque shapes, or actually are arabesque! Go with the neutral earth tones in the photo or pick jewel tones. On top of that, we love that with the right stencil, from say Royal Design Studio, and some well-chosen paper and stick on jewels, these can be customized to look exactly like what nomad chic means to you...or us!

Project and photo via Nomadic Decorator

Design Improvised DIY Painted Paper Mache Ornaments

This is also a paper mache DIY project using various shaped ornaments, some with the idea of color blocking, and all topped off with (very cool) copper trim. We’re not totally sure the colors used in the photos call forth images of Berber nomads, souks and all things tribal as is, but clearly the variety of ornament shapes lend themselves to exotic things that may have traveled great distances along the Saharan caravan. By customizing colors and artistic details to your tribal heart’s content, ta-dah...kasbah holiday couture.

 Project and photo via Design Improvised

The Sweetest Occasion DIY Colorblock Glitter Ornaments

Using paper mache ornaments as well, this project stood out for the native shape and also the tone on tone jewel paint and glitter colors. While using any tone on tone paint and glitter color combination is an option, there is also the possibility of other types of embellishment from jeweled buttons to dimensional paint. But these are divine.

Project and photo via The Sweetest Occasion

Lucy Designs Whimsical Painted Large Paper Mache Ornaments

For something a little larger and therefore more dramatic, we thought this project stood out. The whimsical colors and patterns on the completed ornaments in the photo remind us of the MacKenzie Childs aesthetic, which we adore, but probably isn’t the most closely associated with Berber ornamental luxuries. Shapes and extra large sizes of the ornaments are a result of the artist gluing them together to create unique larger shapes. For our design goals, we would choose different color schemes inspired by Berber tribe handcrafts, and then finish them off with select symbols and jeweled embellishments. So we love this because with customization, your exotic holiday decor might just make your guests feel like they should have gotten a stamp in their passport. Win-win. Win!

Project and photo via Lucy Designs

We hope you found some ornamental inspiration for your holiday season in our DIY finds. If you already have holiday decor that fits into the tribal or nomadic style reminiscent of the Saharan caravan, have made one of these DIY projects, or you decide to make one, we’d love to see. Please email us support@shop.moroccophilesouk.com or post it on Facebook and tag us, or even post it directly on our Page. We are also on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and would love to give your artistry some spotlight.

Happy holidays!